Kids epic ride

On 3rd of April 2021 South Perth witnessed the first edition of the "kids epic ride". Along the roads of South Perth a squad of 3 girls and 4 boys challenged a distance of ~10km riding strong and fast. South Perth is now warned, well trained novice cyclists are more than ready to challenge the most experienced riders of the suburb. First part of the ride overcame the dangers of street crossing with the help of parents. Once in Coode St car park, the kids were challenged with an ITT (Individual Time Trial), cheered by the surrounding crowd! Separated by two minutes each the novice squad rode as fast as it could to earn the coveted prize: a magnificent Gelato as a reward of their work. Alexis, the "Belgian train" , won the challenge, followed by the "indomitable twins" Emilia and Ariana respectively. The competition was very tough as only 6 seconds separated the first 4 contestants. ITT order of arrival: Name    Time_Start Time_Arrival Total_Time Alexis   

It's classic, not plastic

This Fondriest bike has been my loyal companion for more than 21 years. I nicknamed it 'giallorossa' for its colours (it means 'red and yellow' in Italian) which are also the colours of my favourite soccer team, AS Roma. This bike is now in Italy and I keep using it during my summer holidays over there. It is still a great bike and I changed just a few components from the day I bought it. I used it in Italy, UK and Australia before I purchased a new Trek bike. It never deceived me and it has been a very reliable bike so far. It is not for sure the best bike of its time but I have such a particular attachment to this piece of metal that reminds me my youth when I had no responsibilities. It is classic because is made of steel and it does not share anything with the fancy bikes you can find today. Bought with the first money I made while I was studying at uni, it accompanied me during the most important phases of my life. It helped me to overcome the sad moments o

When cycling in Italy

Cycling in Italy is undoubtedly very beautiful. It is not just the wonderful scenaries, the amazing mountains and the astonishing coast lines. It is more than that. I rediscovered what it means cycling in Italy during my holiday and my tours reminded me my youth and some of the things that I have almost forgotten. One of them is the pleasure to cross your road with other cyclists that in any occasion wave their hand to you or simply say "Ciao" in that instant that our glance crosses each other. It might seem irrelevant but this is one of the things that I missed most in Australia. That simple gesture hides tons of meanings. First of all it is a sign of respect for another fellow cyclist and secondly it is a sign of acknowledgement of the fatigue that ALL cyclists have to experience when on the road. It also represent a gesture of encouragement for the road and the climbs to come. It is not really important if you are a semi-pro or a young kid at his/her first experience wit

The present

"Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery and Today is a gift. That's why they call it present." [Master Oogway]

Alta Tuscia

Non penso di essere bravo abbastanza da riuscire a trasmettere quelle emozioni che vorrei traspirassero dalle mie parole, ma vorrei comunque fare un tentativo parlando di un posto in Italia che mi sta particolarmente a cuore: l'alta Tuscia. Molte altre fonti parlano di questa area nella provincia di Viterbo: spendendo parole splendide nella descrizione dei posti, monumenti e tradizioni locali. Non credo che riuscirei a fare di meglio. Mi limito a condividere, con chi mi legge, la mia esperienza oramai piu' che quarantennale spesa in questo luogo durante le mie estati. Iniziamo col dire che le mie radici si fondano su Valentano, un piccolo borgo mediavale nella zona de

"... Anche a te e famiglia"

"E' arrivato di nuovo il periodo dell'anno dell' '... anche a te e famiglia' ...", questa e' ormai la frase che sento piu' spesso pronunciare dall'Italia almeno al pari di "Buone Feste". Mi rendo conto che con gli anni trovare motivazioni per celebrare una festa che in realta' nemmeno si sa che ricorrenza dovrebbe onorare sembra sempre piu' difficile. Il 25 dicembre e' stato da sempre una data mistica e punto di riferimento di molte religioni. Mi limito solo ad alcune antecedenti al cristianesimo: - Antico Egitto: in questa data si celebrava la nascita di Horus nato dalla vergine Isis Meri ( ) - Mitra: divinita medio orientale presumibilmente nata il 25 dicembre ( ) - Impero Romano: festa del Natalis Solis Invicti (

Riding in Perth

My day starts with a bike ride to work. It is the most beautiful, relaxing and rewarding activity of the day for sure. When I arrived in Perth I managed to buy a second hand hybrid bike paid just $180 (~€ 130). It is an Avanti Blade 1.0  size 54 that needed a bit of care. I replaced the wheels ( Shimano WH-R500 ) with another additional $100 (~€ 70), gave good clean and, voila, I was able to roll.  A special thank goes to Carsten and Jacey that lent me the necessary tools to dismount the old cassette and install it in the new wheel-set. I also pimped the bike with some additional accessories (bike computer, small pump, saddle bag and a back USB light for the night rides back home), all of them rigorously used. To go to work, I usually take the long way to admire the Perth City Skyline and enjoy the morning breeze. The ride is very gentle and I do not want to push hard, as this is my moment of freedom before the day at work and I do not want really rush for it. Perth is def